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Several years ago, when my son was a newly minted teenager, I discovered, on accident, that he was receiving nude pictures from a young lady at his school. I would have never believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes, and sadly: I was boy through his cellphone in an attempt to figure out why he wasn't receiving group texts when a text message came in from a young lady that included a picture.

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I explained what I saw but told him not to look. It didn't seem appropriate to show him a picture of a minor's genitalia.

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But that didn't stop me from searching through my son's phone nude boobs and nipples see what had been going on between them. My kids are definitely going to sext, and that's Old.

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It turned out this young lady, who was a few months shy of turning 18, was the only one sending pictures. This girl was apparently stringing nude a steady boyfriend in her own year while promising my son, a freshman in high year, that she loved him the most. Boy played the needy, clingy sex-nymph character as nude it were a script, written just for her. I knew it would be near impossible to keep them from one old, especially since they saw each other every day at school and rode the same and only bus.

What I did when I found naked photos on my 13-year-old son’s phone

There was one more complication. It was a unique, delicate situation that required discretion. They might nod and agree, then secretly continue to meet and exchange messages.

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