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World A whole nude world, My sizzling space you never knew, But when you're way down there, Engrossed in hair, Now I'm in a whole nude world nude you. Aladdin Now I'm in a whole nude world with you. Jasmine Unbelievable size, Indescribable squealing, Leaning, bending, and kneeling At my moist and gaping thighs.


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Aladdin A whole nude world Jasmine Every thrust of your thighs Aladdin With new positions we can screw Jasmine Every moment gets wetter Both I'll lick you anywhere, Nude, I don't care, Let me share this whole nude world with you. Weird Al Yankovich and those whole to him have made great parodies of other songs.

My favorite is the "Which Backstreet World is Gay?

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There are whole strange, and often twisted, songs that are not parodies. I have this song "Spinal Mentigitis got me down " by Ween.