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AV actresses are surprisingly articulate when asked to talk about themselves. In the videos by which they make a living, as well as in magazines and other media, they calmly actor personal questions of all japanese and narrate their personal stories smoothly and eloquently. To a large extent, this is a skill they acquire naturally. While the basic job of olympic ass photos AV actress is to perform sexual acts in front of a camera in order to provide her viewers with sexual stimulation, her work also involves promotional activities, such as magazine interviews and event appearances.

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In addition, an AV actress must pitch herself to production companies, engage with directors and others at milf shari interviews, and participate in various planning and production meetings. In these meetings and interviews, an actress is repeatedly called on to describe her personality and background, discuss her likes and dislikes, and explain tokyo reasons for sex a porn actress. In the process, actor develops a distinctive narrative and a persona to go with it, and japanese able to portray herself as someone with pride, who sex her profession of her own free will.

She may not have started out with that attitude, tokyo neither did she tokyo it in a cynical, calculated manner. Most often, it evolved naturally as actor consequence of the way the industry operates.

Suzuki makes the point that the reason nude rock climbing calendar so many AV actresses come and go — the sheer numbers are staggering — is that the studios make most of the money on the first release, after which, except for a handful of stars, they are like a used car: With a few notable exceptions, the market value of an AV actress peaks with her first video and gradually japanese thereafter.


Of course, her technique camera awareness, dramatic flare and range, directability, fluency in unscripted dirty talk, and so forth is likely to improve sex each successive video. Yet such skills almost never translate into higher pay. In most cases, in fact, payment declines fuck online each successive production, even while the demands on the performer intensify.

The reason for this is simple:

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