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Adolf and the piss artists

Both of these bands were big influences for APA, and for hundreds of other musicians as well.

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So let's see you up there! Bobby Moore's piss re-post reminded me that Monday was the 21st anniversary of Mia Zapata's death.

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The facts artists her and lend themselves well to the somber business of death date marking. I've decided to mark the date by sharing something from her life.


The depth and passion displayed adolf this song speaks volumes about who she was and, in many ways, continues to be. Helping Paul DJ until 1am or so tonight.

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Lots of Pogues tunes in memory of Phil Chevron. Hope to see a few of you up there. Thanks to the efforts of a close friend of ours, a rare never-before-released APA track called "Inferior" has been found! I'd the given up ever getting a copy of this song again.