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Don’t Call My Name, Alessandro

On this blog cindy tranny I am going to share my world with you. What can you expect to find here -- First of all nude of sexy men, alessandro all shapes and types, something for everyone, as I can find beauty in most men.

You are going to find that I have a special fondness for Vintage Beefcake and Porn of the 60's, pics, and 80's. Also, I love the average guy, and if you want to see yourself alessandro here, just let me know.

Be as daring as pics like, as long as you are of age, let calza help you calza it with the world!

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Also, you going to find many of my points of views, on pop culture, politics and our changing world. Look to see posts about pop culture, politics, entertainment, sex, etc. There is not any subject nude I find as something I won't discuss or offer my point of view. Most of all, I hope you are going calza enjoy what I post. Alessandro Calza born in Genova, Italy on December 23, is an Italian film actor, screenwriter, nude designer, photographer and model.

He is also known by pseudonym alessandro A Hunter " particularly for his work in photography and graphic design.

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He is best calza for writing and pics the lead role of Andrea in Yen Alessandro gay-themed film Ciao. Nude is openly gay. Newer Post Older Post Home.