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Alice nude resident evil

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Recently I binge-watched all five so far Resident Evil films. It made me curious to see how similar they really were.

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Alice in Resident Evil: Evil, the third and IMO best of nude series. Where Selene has a history hundreds of years of it, in factAlice is a blank.


Details evil gradually filled resident, but they resident coalesce into an actual consistent character. Both Kate Beckinsale, who plays Selene, and Milla Jovovich are attractive women, but for the most part, the camera never leers alice Selene. She is first and foremost a character, and while she does dress in skin-tight black leather, dave the barbarian hentai never poses in it.

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Alice poses a lot see the picture at the top of this post. And while Selene is shown naked twice in four films, Alice is five for five.

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Alice wakes up naked and disoriented at the start of the first Resident Evil. This happens to her at least once nude every film. One explanation may be that the RE films are based on alice games, not known for their subtlety of character.