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Alistair nude

NUDES by Alistair Taylor-Young

The first time I played Dragon Age: Origins was on the Xbox and I had a hard time getting into it because of the crappy graphics. This nude gives HD alistair to the whole nude and makes DA much more beautiful. Alistair you only download one alistair, this should be it.

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This mod redesigns over NPCs in the game to make their appearance better. You can choose to nude them based on Lore characters redesigned to fit their races better or Aesthetics characters redesigned to be more attractive or alistair nude of both.

It also includes an optional Morrigan morph that makes her look more like her original face model ie.

Dragon Age: 31 Mods You Never Knew You Needed

Ugh, I hate the Fade. You also get all the item drops using this mod, too! This lets any class unlock chests using strength or magic.