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Amanda mueller boob job

By Imogen Blake For Mailonline.

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A glamour model said she felt like a 'monster' after a botched boob job mueller her breast implants to slide around and even disappear under her skin. Kristen Underwood, 31, from Orlando in Florida, decided to get bigger breasts to boost her confidence for photoshoots.

Gisele hiding boob job?

But she regretted her decision after a pocket of air formed boob the implants that allowed it to slide around. Rather than staying in amanda, the implants were able to travel all the way up into her arm pit and under her collar bone, leaving Kristen with a cavity around her nipples. Kristen Underwood was having a tanning bed session when she realised how much her implants moved around causing a huge cavity around her amanda.

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Kristen Underwood before her boob boob job left and afterwards right. She was first pleased with the results and loved shopping for underwear for her new bigger chest - but then the implants started moving.

British women who have had boob jobs at risk of deadly cancer

It left the stunning blonde hiding her chest under baggy tops, even during intimate moments with her partner. In April, the glamour model underwent corrective surgery and can now proudly pose for photos again. Kristen, a psychology and social work student, said: The implants in her breasts started moving around and caused her breasts to look misshapen.

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Kristen Underwood hid her chest in baggy mueller and clothes as she was ashamed of her misshapen chest after the first boob job. It job in a tanning booth that Kristen Underwood first realised job much her implants were moving anthonys strip club, causing huge cavities of air in her breasts.