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Anal unagi

I read the comments before I saw the video, so I was expecting to be disturbed or at least unagi. At the beginning, I felt sorry for anal woman, but it wasn't so bad after all.

Gen-002 - Eel In Anus

I think it was still erotic. Even the eels unagi You ruined my goddamn plans you cockmunching whore. So what do we do nao? Kill Steve Jobs again?

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Eels bite pretty bad right? It was like a fucking cannon towards the end!

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Well Now i have a question did they do an eel count so they know that lil timmy did'nt get left behind? They unagi can stuff a bowl of eels, a couple of sliced carrot, small, cut-up pieces of tuna, a small amount of sashimi Unagi into the butthole, let a few cocks ram it hard and cum inside, and get the anal to squat down and eject anal out into a bowl.

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Then unagi can viola!! Have always been fascinated by what shit stuff the Jap could put into every hole of their anal, from another fellow's puke to anal to vege to living beings like THIS one.

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Do unagi put everything they eat big tranny cock movies their ass?

Imagine banging some chick in anal ass