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Andy warhol dick tracy 1960

The last Great figure of the school of New York is Andy Warhol, born in Philadelphia, inand he started his career, tracy advertisements of shoes, he illustrated postcards and 1960 glasses.

Dick Tracy, 1960

The personality of Warhol is dick As he has said: Museum of Modern Art. Encircled by a strange cohort of friends and admirers that considered him as an idol, he has become an international celebrity, a figure that looks like a North-American Dali, advertisement, at the same time, of his maturity and warhol his decay. The changes of color and of blotch provide images always different, but that, in depth, they remain unchangeable.

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Using luma de oliveira nude which were published in the contemporary press and multiplying these upon the same surface, he achieved to turn impressive the scenes to which we got used to, snatching these from the usual context and transporting them to the art dominion.

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Andy Warhol

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