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Any given sunday nude scene

They are both starring together in the remake of the family classic Annie. Talking about the movie which told the story of a fictional American football team Cameron and Jamie spoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show sunday Monday, about given rather awkward naked locker room scene, featuring a bevvy of naked men.

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Any given Sunday Nude scene

Scene Foxx, 46, and Cameron Diaz, 42, remember a scene they filmed where he was almost naked and they had to shake hands, on the movie Any Given Sunday. A blushing Cameron replied, 'Naked men. Oliver [Stone, the nude was like you know you have to do this. Because I didn't want everyone to go crazy.

Cameron Diaz remembers embarrassing movie scene with a NAKED Jamie Foxx

Nice to meet you! Cameron shakes the hand of Jamie in Any Given Sunday in a scene filled with naked men. Proving that less is more, Cameron Diaz looked effortlessly chic in a minimalist turquoise dress on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.