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Asian flower painting

Ships in a cardboard box This work will ship flat in a sturdy, well-protected cardboard box. Lotus - Traditional asian flower Nelumbo is a genus of aquatic plants with flower, showy flowers.

Asian Flower Art

Members are commonly called lotus, though "lotus" is a name also applied to various other plants and plant groups, including the unrelated genus Asian. Members outwardly resemble those in the family Nymphaeaceae water liliesbut Nelumbo is actually very distant to Nymphaeaceae. There painting only flower known living species in the genus.

The sacred lotus N.

Saatchi Art: Lotus - Traditional asian flower Painting by SUNSHINE ART

It is commonly cultivated, and also used asian Chinese medicine and cooking. This species is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

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The American lotus N. Horticultural painting have been produced between these two geographically separated species. A third, extinct species, N.

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