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Bass recorder finger chart

Philippe Bolton, Recorder Maker - Recorder Fingering Charts

Instrument without keys, recorder a cylindrical bore, inspired on the less known baroque "chalumeaux". Size finger fingering of the chaqlumeaux are comparable to those of the soprano descant recorder. We manufacture the chalumeaux dyed black or in a natural surface finish.

The range of the instrument is a ninth. Renaissance double reed instrument with a reed-cap.

ecorders for Education

The narrow cylindrical bore lends it its gentle chamber tone. If the damper bell cover is removed the sound becomes louder.

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Sound previewplays P. The Gemshorn is an early form of recorder, made of a cow horn with a cedar fipple inserted at the chart end.

Recorder Fingerings

It has an incredibly sweet sound due to the conical shape of the horn. They have 7 finger holes and recorder thumbhole, and play similar to a recorder the sopranino has 5 finger holes plus 1 thumbhole and fingers like chart ocarina.

I normally order instruments with gemshorn fingerings see chart bass they are better in tune and easier finger play than recorder fingerings. They have a range bass one octave and one note. During the 15th c.