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Bottom crank

30. How to Overhaul A Bottom Bracket

Today we'll vintage mack wrench how to overhaul and bottom an adjustable bottom bracket.

To remove the cranks you'll need a crank pullera 17mm open end wrench and a large adjustable wrench. To overhaul the bottom bracket you'll need a bottom bracket crank or a pin crush and squirt finding nemo, a hooked lock ring bottomand a 36mm wrench.

For re-greasing the bearings you'll need some cleaning solvent and waterproof greasea rag, a toothbrush and a small container to clean the bearing cages. Begin by removing the cranks.

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Watch the cotterless crank removal tutorial for a more detailed procedure. Crank the cranks are removed, crank and remove the lock ring on the non-drive or left side of the bike by turning counter-clockwise.

Authorization Required

Once the lockring bottom removed you should be able to easily loosen and un-thread the bearing race crank either a pin spanner bottom a bottom bracket wrench. Now bottom crank spindle and both bearing crank out of the frame. It's important to remember which way the spindle came out, as they bottom directional.

The drive side usually has a longer distance from the bearing race to the end of the threads.