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Dare to go nude

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, It was the brand's unique way of bringing its newest product—The NUDES Palette—to market in a way brought excitement to the category, and was uniquely Maybelline. Understanding our target's affinity for beauty video tutorials, we recruited 13 popular beauty vloggers like Sinead Cady The Makeup Chair and Seamless bikini Ledda SMLx0 to bring the message to life.

We challenged each to create a how-to video of their signature look using the Nudes Palette. We introduced all 13 YouTube videos and housed them on a nude with vignettes to give viewers a peek at their inspiration and process.

To build buzz before the launch, we released a short dare co-created with Vice's fashion culture pub, i-D Magazine featuring interviews with models Jourdan Dunn, Staz Lindes, and Devon Aoki.

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We took over the YouTube homepage on launch day, and executed multiple high-impact site takeovers on the same day. We served the multiple videos through re-targeting tactics and high dare video units to encourage continued engagement throughout the campaign.

Maybelline's video-first campaign was a smash hit.

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The brand set out to create a heat moment around the launch of the NUDES Palette nude build consumer awareness and desire for this prestige-inspired product. Maybelline only anticipated 4MM views over the lifetime of nude campaign.

DARE TO GO NUDE. The Nudes Palette is here.

Fill out the form below and we'll work on connecting you to dare entry creator! Call to Action NEW! About this entry "Dare to Go Nude" was Maybelline New York's video-first campaign to encourage women everywhere to consider nude eyeshadow shades as a bold new way to express your true self.