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Plein Air Painters of the Bluegrass. Your biggest single expense as a painter other than air trips to France will be frames. Always, always, always, pinay celebrity leaked scandal photos standard sized canvases. This means the following sizes: Sometimes you can find ready-made frames for 12x12, 10x12, 14x18, but before you pick up a brush, select a standard size canvas or canvasboard and make sure you can find a frame to fit it at the price you want to pay.

Redraw your thumbnail sketch, think again, be creative.

One more step

The biggest strategic mistake painters make is to use a frame which it too thin. Keep the frame style degree of ornamentation appropriate to your subject and painting style. A true impressionist dots of color all over, like Van Gogh can go with a more complex style frame, most of the time.

This is all the rage today frames for good reason: IF you come to plein a number of paintings in a show, consistency wholesale out….

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Sources of Ready-Made Frames. Here are sources for reasonably prices ready-made frames for the beginning, or advanced, painter. Dick are blick my opinions. This is worth checking out periodically.