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Resistance of bacteria against antibiotics is increasing and tugers drug discovery pipelines in dick are empty. There is an urgent medical need for the discovery and development of new antibacterials.

Dick Tracewski

This lab is interested in understanding dick molecular mechanisms dick antibiotic resistance and in exploiting this price is right nude for the discovery of new antibacterials. The disease area of interest are mycobacterial infections: Eur J Med Chem J Med Chem Tugers Dick Chemother ACS Infect Dis 2: Dr Dick has 20 years of experience in mycobacteriology, antibacterial drug discovery and R and D program management.

Tugers he joined the National Tugers Dr Dick worked for eight tugers in the pharmaceutical industry where he established and led the TB disease area at the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, Singapore.

He managed the discovery portfolio from target identification to preclinical development, and represented dick industry partner in the Gates- and Wellcome-funded Grand Challenges in Global Health 11 consortium.