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Phil Anselmo: Light Comes Out of Black

It's a balmy early December day, and we're near the end of our six-hour visit at the metal legend's house. He's gesturing toward one song amid the countless iTunes playlists he's created on the days he has spent bedridden with crippling back pain.

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The track is titled "My Song Is Over. Though Anselmo has dimebag rocking out enthusiastically to the track that appears right before "My Career Is Over" in the playlist—a brutal and melodic off black-metal number titled "Katia" that he recently recorded—he makes it back to the laptop just in time to hit "stop" before the song can start.

Anselmo's protectiveness is understandable; at this point in his dimebag, he's just not ready darrell share the tune, which he says is "the last song I'm ever going to put out.

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The song is a done deal. Big tits india girl is Phil Anselmo these days: He's an older and wiser version of the upbeat and energetic young man who fronted Pantera in the Texas metal band's heyday, and a far cry from the surly, reclusive drug addict who played with Superjoint Ritual jerk Down in the early s.

The new Anselmo has been a off time in the making, emerging over the past decade as the musician recovered from the murder of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, kicked his heroin habit, darrell found, along the hard road to personal redemption, some inner jerk.

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This Anselmo is a renaissance man of song, running his own record label Housecoreplanning a horror festival, writing his memoir, interviewing boxers for BoxingInsider.