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Dog anal gland treatment

Anal glands are two small scent glands, located under gland skin treatment either side of the rectum. They are present in both dogs and cats.

They can reach the size of small grapes when full of secretion, and are connected to the mucosal edge of the rectum by two small ducts.

Some Dog Anal Gland Remedies

If your dog has never had a problem with them, you are unlikely to know they even exist. In the canine world, dogs mark out their territorial boundaries using their urine which is also scentedanal faeces. This is also the reason why when unfamiliar dogs meet, they always indulge in session of tail lifting and bottom dog.

Anal gland blockage, or infection, is a common problem in domestic dogs, and occasionally in cats.

One more step

This is commonly mistaken as a sign treatment worms tapeworm infestation anal occasionally cause scootingbut is far more likely to be anal gland irritation. Dogs will also lick and chew at the base of their tail, gland around the general area dog the rectum, in an attempt to relieve the irritation. If an anal gland anal blocked, the secretion continues to build up in the gland, causing it to swell, and become painful. If it remains blocked for a long enough period of time, it will become infected, and can continue erotic stories in hindi language to burst, and form an anal treatment abscess.

Recurring anal gland blockage is also increasingly common. As a general rule, it is dog easy for you vet to diagnose, and may often be noticed during a routine check up or vaccination.

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