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Dr no nude scene

The James Bond franchise is like a fine dish.

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You have to have all the right ingredients: This is my tribute to all of the beautiful actresses who, in my opinion, were just as integral to the series as Bond himself. Enjoy my list of Nude Bond Girls! Good for us, Eva Green has zero qualms about getting nude. Eva Green Shows her stuff in Camelot.

Dr. No (1962) Nude Scenes

More from Eva Green in The Dreamers. Eva is unbelievable in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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Usula has been featured nude in Playboy and in other publications. You know the studios were banking on her pure hotness.

Ursula Andress - Loaded Guns

I hate you, Charlie Sheen. After starring with Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, Jane did not vanish into obscurity, but went scene to have a very prolific nude career.

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