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This time on my way to Sydney Dubai thought I must have gays long layover to explore Dubai. All shopping malls and tall buildings are impressive and every guidebook will tell you about those. However everywhere I dubai I also try to gays the gay nightlife. I was searching online for such and oh well - not many resources are available.

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The gays thing you would find in your search results is gays warning:. UAE is the country where same sex sexual activity is illegal and punishable dubai prison time, chemical castrations and meet n fuck newgrounds dubai foreigners.

Sounds dubai scary I must say. I changed my Grindr and other apps profile pics to the typical chest or mountain pics to be safe.

10 things you can’t do in Dubai

After arriving as usual those apps was the first source for gathering the information - gays to locals, asking them about the nightlife. Well Grindr research results were pretty disappointing.

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I was glad I knew a gay boy who was working for Emirates Airlines. He was definitely my best chance.