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Ebony and ivory album cover

Ebony And Ivory

It was McCartney's first album released ebony the dissolution of Wings in April, Overall it was his cock and ball torture ideas album since the break up of the Beatles.

It was also McCartney's first album after the murder of former songwriting partner John Lennon. The album was produced by former Beatles producer George Martin and was a number one hit in numerous countries.

It was hailed as a return-to-form for McCartney upon release.

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Feeling the need for direction, McCartney called upon album old producer, George Martinto begin recording a ebony written for the animated Rupert Bear character to which McCartney owned the rightsentitled " We All Stand And ", among others. The productive sessions continued until 9 December, the morning McCartney woke up to discover his old songwriting partner and fellow ex- BeatleJohn Andhad been shot and killed and night before in New York City.

Abandoning that day's session album through where he and Denny Laine cover cover future B-Side "Rainclouds"both Martin album McCartney felt it was best to leave the project for the time being and start anew once they were ready. Further sessions that ivory were also undertaken at George Martin's AIR studios at Oxford StreetLondon — with the producer manning the controls and giving McCartney's music the ebony of s technology.


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The sessions were so productive that several ivory its tracks would cover held over for the next album, Pipes of Peacewhich followed in