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By Edwina Currie for MailOnline. Now serialised in the Mail, they begin just after the Pics election win, with her former lover Prime Minister Well, we won the election and I was offered a job, and I turned it down.

Katie Hopkins grills Edwina Currie on her affair with the former Prime Minister

I want to be part of Europe, rather than fretting and unhappy in edwina team of deadbeats led by an aggressive, bolshy egomaniac! I suppose I felt a bit cross, too. Her diaries from the early nineties sexy the truth behind the scenes of Edwina's life as a Tory backbencher.

It would have been legs easy for John to have spoken to me on the phone stefanie powers nude pics lunchtime, had he wanted to.

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I suspect some of the Secretaries of State [in other departments] refused to have me. Was it a set-up? I do feel annoyed that no one thought about what I could usefully do. All my parliamentary salary after tax goes on school fees for my girls, every penny. Victoria, Wednesday, April 29, 8pm.

I started this diary nearly currie years ago in order to wean myself off my lover, and to compensate for my need to talk to someone regularly.