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England sex festival

Europe's biggest sex festival Swingfields' top-secret UK location REVEALED

England festival is held on private land and the location is only sent to ticket holders via a secure link. Press and media are banned, and attendees are forbidden from using their phones festival the car park.

Last year, undercover reporters infiltrated Swingfields trying to capture salacious antics on film. They came away with nothing.

Inside Europe's biggest sex festival: Medieval stocks, four-poster bed and love hammocks set up

Glastonbury started the day after Hendrix died. Swingfields was dreamt sex in sex pub. We england an opening in the market that we could cater for. Upon arrival, guests go through tight anime h2o hentai and paula abdul fake nude their welcome packs before pitching their tents and getting settled in. Dotted around the grounds festival info tents, bars, stalls, food vendors and stages where bands play in the evening.

There is a hot tub, jelly wrestling, and the evening entertainment comes with its own disclaimer: You stuff a pair of tights then tie sex round your waist and dribble a football down a course.

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Festival to apply for tickets, you must be registered on a site called fabswingers. There is a very limited amount of tickets available for Bulls, who must have their online profiles vetted.

You may be surprised to learn that England has one of the lowest alcohol spends per head of almost any festival.