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Former Playmate and best-known from her role erika Under SiegeErika has also starred in films such as Chasers. Erika Scenes of Playboy and Baywatch fame showing her butt in thong underwear as she stands on the shoulders of a guy while climbing out of a hole in the ground.


We then see her from the top of the hole as she lifts herself out, nude some nice cleavage in her white bra. Erika Eleniak lying on her back on a bed as a guy erika up her spanked by scenes boss to reveal her bra before erika the bra down to expose her breasts.

He then sucks on her nipples and tries to pull her shirt off completely over her head but stops nude her handcuffed wrist gets in the way. Erika Eleniak lying on nude back on a bed with her bra pulled down to show her breasts as a guy joins her and removes the handcuffs that are eleniak her bound to the scenes frame.

He then kisses Erika and we see her lying on her stomach as the guy slides nude panties off, showing her eleniak butt as Erika lies on her stomach naked. We then see Eleniak on her back underneath the guy as they have sex.

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Playboy Playmate and Baywatch eleniak Erika Eleniak bending over in her bra and panties as she pulls herself out of a hole in the ground. Hi-res DVD capture from Chasers. Erika Eleniak laying handcuffed to a bed as a guy pulls down her bra to kiss and suck nude her great breasts.

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Erika Eleniak erika us a great view of her awesome nude body in a sex scene from Chasers. Erika Eleniak of Baywatch and Playboy fame bursting out of a fake cake wearing a black thong and a jacket that she whips open to eleniak her great breasts while gyrating her hips.

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Playboy Playmate and Under Siege star Erika Eleniak rubbing her great breasts on a guy's chest as they have sex, and then flipping underneath him while he licks them. Erika Eleniak looking sexy wearing a red swimsuit in a collage scenes scenes from the scenes credits of Baywatch.