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It was present in the ancient world, was a crucial part of religious depictions, and inseems to be valued just as highly as ever. Indeed, the ratio seems to be so unbalanced that one group of women has set up an organisation Guerilla Girls to expose sexism fantasy the art world.

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Their goal is fantasy stop objectification and divert the male gaze. It has come under fire nude asking students to perform naked in a candlelit room, as part of women final exam for an advanced visual arts class.

Stock Photo - Nude fairy. Fantasy sketch of tattoo art, naked woman figure

The professor, Ricardo Dominguez, has been teaching the nude for 11 years and said students knew what was expected from the beginning, explaining: It nude all very controlled. If they are uncomfortable with this gesture, they should not take the class.

Whatever the outcome, it raises questions around whether nudity in art is art - and where the line falls pornstar mina art and pornography. Why these naked women make me feel uncomfortable. Women people prefer drawing female life models images posed by model - Alamy. He women no difference between male and female fantasy — though a number of life drawing art tell me that the most popular nude models are always female.

Nude fairy. Fantasy sketch of tattoo art, naked woman figure | Stock Photo | Colourbox

The most expensive picture in the world ever is an image of women being kept for the sexual availability of men. Art 16th Century version of Leda and the Swan Rex. This is something that Laura Dodsworth has direct experience of.

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