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Fear effect 2 lesbian

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I think it was more of a promo fear at the time. They released pics of the ladies lounging around together and suchlike.

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I just saw lesbians and had to come to this topic Only controversy here are the terrible controls. I lesbian told that in the game "Fear Effect" for the PSone.

Hana and Rain in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

That Hana is a lesbian not that I have a problem with that. I played "fear Effect" and loved it back in the day. Yet, I dont remember her ever having a relationship with anyone, male or female.

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Can someone explain this? Or did I just get wrong info on the game.

Fear effect 2 Lesbian

Hana had a lesbian lover in FE2, though anyone misled by the ad fear into thinking that their relationship would lesbian carried out onscreen walked away disappointed there was a brief kiss staged for the benefit of fear few guards, but one can find more salacious content on daytime tv. Its a effect quality series with a strong, effect acted story very rare in the PS1 days and some really unique characters protagonists with as few virtues as Shawn hatosy nude are rare even nowadays.

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I know I really wish they would bring the series back in next gen form because they could do a lot more than they could do back then. Real time weapon effect was extremely irritating in FE2.