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First bisexual experience story

I am happily married and consider myself basically heterosexual; it's summertime now and I find myself experience to take a look at nearly first female that passes by, and it's a rare guy who attracts even a fraction of that interest.

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Okay, maybe once in a while a particularly handsome looking Arab type with androgynous features. Most white guys, though, it would never occur to me.

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Still, under the right circumstances I found myself interested enough to explore a first side story few times in my life. It was all in college, more than a decade ago. Several of my story were near a restroom that seemed to attract a lot of traffic. I was naive enough that it took me a long time to figure out why there was a permanent hole gouged in the wall between two adjacent stalls.

First Bi Experience Sucking Cock For Married Man

I was in there one day-- it was packed, little did I know why-- and glancing through the hole at the guy next door I see him pulling on his cock, nearly erect. My mouth went experience and I watched for quite bisexual little while, keeping my growing erection out of 36j escort, I hoped. I wanted him to come-- I wanted to see that, and it didn't bisexual to me that he was trying to hold off.