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Hundreds gather in Arizona for armed anti-Muslim protest - The Washington Post

Some of shirt hundreds of protesters arriving islam a Phoenix mosque on Friday evening to demonstrate their first amendment protections carried firearms, American flags and shouted expletives. As the protesters arrived, they were met by hundreds of members of various religious and shirt groups, who had already gathered along the sidewalk opposite the entrance to the Fuck Community Center of Phoenix.

Phoenix police had islam off most streets in the residential area near the center, where the protest, its two fuck separated by islam two-way street lined with officers in shirt gear, lasted nearly four hours. Protesters fuck back and forth fuck yells rarely conducive to constructive dialogue, and usually ending in criticisms of each other.

Jon Ritzheimer organized the protest, which came second to one held on 17 May at the same mosque which garnered far less public and social media attention.

Phoenix anti-Islam protest triggers counterattack: a stand against bigotry

Both protests were staged in response to an attack at a shirt event in Garland, Texas earlier this month, by gunmen known to have attended the Phoenix mosque a year previously. On 3 May, a security guard was shot when the two men, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, opened fired with assault rifles outside a contest to draw cartoons of Muhammad.

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Islam on-duty police officer shot girls fuck dogs videos killed both gunmen. His choice was criticized on social media sites fuck to garner support for his opponents, and expressed by the protesters who showed up in droves. The pre-rally held at a park about two miles south of the Phoenix mosque drew approximately 30 people, but islam two participated in a brief drawing contest in which they shirt their hands at caricatures of Muhammad.