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You straddle my shoulders, aligning your balls to my mouth. My mouth is full and I swirl my tongue and gently suck, my eyes locking with yours.

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You push jojo paige nude photo gallery to release your balls from my mouth and I whimper and fight to keep them, but you win and they release with a pop. Looking down into my blue eyes, you make a carnal sound before you prepare my chest by spitting on it cums you can easily slide your cock between my tits.

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My pussy is so hot and wet. Reaching down I rub my clit, just like the way you taught me to, the way that makes my pussy soaking wet, you love to watch and listen to how wet I get.

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I am perfectly sensitive and needy. I tuck my neck down and open my mouth waiting, I need to taste you. You stroke up and thrust between my tits right into my fuck, wet, waiting mouth. I align the rhythm of my moans so that your cock slides through my tits and hard the back of my throat.

You moan against my humming vibrations. Fucking, tell me where you want it?

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I am so turned on. I clamp down on your cock as it hits my throat again deep. I swallow fast and cum hard as my fingers speed across my clit in a frenzy.