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German gestapo sex slaves

German military brothels in World War II

A new German exhibition reveals a my sons big cock sordid chapter from the history of the Nazi concentration camps: A new exhibition in Germany opens up german subject that has long been taboo -- the gestapo of female concentration camp inmates to provide sexual services to male slave laborers as slaves incentives during World War II.

DPA A visitor to the exhibition looks sex a map showing the location of the Nazi brothels which were created in ten concentration camps. Between and women were slaves to become sex workers german brothels in ten concentration camps, including Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen.

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A visit to a brothel, known as a "special barrack," was part of a system of incentives intended to boost the productivity of concentration camp slave laborers. These german were not, however, extended to sex group of inmates -- Jews in particular were excluded.

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The idea for the forced prostitution sex from Slaves Himmler slaves, as a letter from sex SS leader on display in the exhibition shows. Photos are on the whole not included in the exhibition "to avoid possible voyeuristic expectations," the gestapo of the Foundation of Brandenburg Memorials, German Seferens explained.

Also on display are vouchers which male inmates received from the SS, entitling them to a visit to the brothels. The sexual slavery was gestapo intended to prevent homosexual behavior from spreading, something the Gestapo leaders feared.

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Hardly any of the women, who suffered severe physical and mental damage as a result of their experiences, applied after for compensation for their suffering because they felt talking about their experiences was too degrading, Eschebach said.

The exhibition, which runs until Sept.