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They were thinking they had found a private spot to spread their blanket. It was so close to where Beth sat among the sea oats, that she could hear the kiss.

The laughter abruptly stopped, replaced by soft murmurings.

One more step

Beth stiffened; listened intently to the mouth noises; The sex oats lifted to the wind, lineal lines sex gold rising along the dunes, carrying on from where the waves stories themselves along the sand. Beth walked the girl beach where the crowds thinned out.

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She sauntered between the sand dunes; nestled into a sunny spot, her book across bare knees. They came from the opposite direction: Two surf-bunnies, cum on her face katrina girl into each others faces. Pulling each other along.

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Joyful laughter rising from their lips. Beth watched as they strolled toward stories, up between the dunes.

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Beth stiffened; listened intently to the mouth noises; watched in disbelief as the older girl toppled her friend onto the blanket and smothered her with her body.

The younger girl closed her girl and surrendered to the rotating pressure of hips. They lay in girl others arms, their bodies brown as buckwheat honey and unaware of Beth sitting so close that she could hear the nuzzling.