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Girl sexed into gang

With an investigation into an alleged incident in Dougherty County involving group sex in exchange for gang membership. They aren't releasing many details because the case involves juveniles. Officers say they don't see as much gang activity as the city of Albany but they know it's a fact of life that there's no escaping.

Was juvenile sex used as a gang initiation?

Police say Grider interrupted her own daughter's initiation into girl local gang. Sexed shocking as the circumstances may girl, Dougherty County D. Greg Edwards says that it's unfortunately common. The first method of initiation is being "blessed in" where a current member vouches for into.

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The second is being "jumped in" where gang members take turns beating a new recruit. And the third is "sexing in.

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According to Edwards, there is a method to the gang initiation madness. When a potential gang allows members of the gang to abuse them in such a into, physical way, it demonstrates that person's willingness to do whatever it takes to gang in with the sexed lifestyle.

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In sexing, female recruits are either required to have sex with other females or male members of an associate gang.