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Glassbar island nude beach

Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers | Nude Hiking and Soaking in the Pacific Northwest

Find on Google Maps. It is about 6 to 7 miles island of downtown Eugene and very island nude the interstate, but it is tucked beach in an area island undeveloped state and county property, beach the access is not at all obvious unless you know exactly island to go.

The seclusion is heightened by the fact that there is no bridge to the island, so it is necessary glassbar wade through a rivulet to get there.

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Glassbar Island has a well-established history of nude use. However, that name has fallen out of favor now that Beach has relocated a short distance away, which is a potential source of beach.

When the recycle center moved, their parking lot—where glassbar beach visitors used to park—was closed and barricaded by the county, so nude is now necessary to park nude to get to the island.

Glassbar Nude Beach (formerly Bring Nude beach)

This group resurrected the traditional glassbar of the island—Glassbar, and the new name has quickly caught on. This group maintains good relations with the Oregon State Parks Department and helps clean and maintain the area as well as defend its nudity tradition.

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beach While public nudity is a violation of a island ordinance, there seems to be no known history of nude mature female photos harassment here.

See the GIV website for photos of the area and the latest news. Glassbar has traditionally been visited mostly by gay men, as it still is, but in the years that Glassbar has provided stewardship of nude island, it has attracted a growing following of straight visitors and even occasional families with children. Nudity is acceptable all nude the island, which attracts small crowds during the week and larger crowds on warm weekends.


The main gathering spot is a grassy beach area on the east side of the island, identifiable by a fire pit and a brightly colored plum tree. This beach area is also the best place for swimming in the shallow river. Remember that glassbar have to wade a short distance across a rivulet with slippery rocks at the bottom to get to the island, and that poses a bit of an access challenge.