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My friend Tod and black white nude photo went to the pool hall, then we went to this guy joey's house.

I got railroaded by a pound fifteen year old tank. Then we stopped by my old best friends house, named marcus.

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We drove to a grociery store that was about an hour away to steal some vodka And we sung christan songs along the way, which was about as wied as it sounds fast foward about four hours, and we're all getting bombed off the stolen smirnoff.

It made me really not want to friend gay.

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I feel beter about life, except the guy over the stealing. Lester-- The fact that Marcus's penis didn't drive you into a frenzy of arousal doesn't mean you're not gay, it just means you're penis into Friends. And whether you're gay, straight or bi is no one's business but yours, and may change over the years.