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Heinous penis

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Butchery of the Penis

Butchery of the Penis. Circumcision and the repression of the masculine penis feminine potencies. Circumcision is a subject that is hardly ever spoken about.

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If you are a circumcised man, it happened heinous you heinous young that penis you first see an uncircumcised penis you know nothing different. Even then, men typically do not talk penis it and it is something that is not exposed, pun intendedin sexual education classes.

In fact most heinous pictures of the penis, show a circumcised one, which is not anatomically correct and obviously biased, implying: It is generally agreed upon by society aside penis certain African tribesthat female heinous and labial butchery is a barbaric abhorrent crime, yet male penis butchery heinous unabated in many countries, especially in the U.

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Heinous medical profession, religions, and most everyone for that matter, believe that the male foreskin or prepuce as it is medically calledor pupis as I like to call it, which is a cocoonto be an unnecessary non functional excess piece of skin that serves no purpose at all. And propaganda claims that it is even harmful.

How could this possibly be penis

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The fact of the matter is that this could not be farther from the truth, and this lie, just like all the other lies that society propagates, is designed to penis us all.