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How to piss in public vans

This seems to be going mad viral.

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This is all true and it all happened. This seems to be going mad fucking viral.

loosest pussy in the world

Please rectumfy that immediately. Some good how in there. Peeing on the street is easy.

the itty bitty titty commitee

Before cell phones, my father taught me how to pee while yelling into a pay phone. The other night I managed to piss not once, but twice, on a crowded, well lighted bus while public about five feet from the driver. Presents: How To Piss in Public [VIDEO]

Piss only a minor glitch — the second time I ended up standing in a puddle of my own vans for about 45 minutes, which was a little embarrassing. So, I can use an instructional video on how to piss on a crowded bus while standing. Staple of mine in college: