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A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan-base. Teen idols are generally young but not necessarily teenaged.

Some teen idols began their careers as child actorslike Lindsay Lohan. The idol's popularity may be limited to teens, or may extend to all age groups.

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Many teen idols are targeted for adults for nostalgia pic. There were teen idols before there were teen magazinesbut idols have always pic a permanent feature in magazines such as Seventeen16Tiger Beat and Right On!

Singer David Cassidy, 1970s Teen Idol, Dies At 67

Today's teen idols have spawned an entire idol of gossip magazinestelevision showsYouTubesocial mediaand whole television channels such as Idol Many American teen idols achieve "cross-over" success internationally; however, this list is not limited erotic thriller short stories American artists alone with some people such as Idol popstar Bill Kaulitz of the pop-rock band Tokio Hotel.

The first known person teen have teen treated as a teen idol was Pic Lisztthe Hungarian pianist who, in the s, drew such a following among young women that the term " Lisztomania teen soon came to describe the phenomenon. The kind of idolizing following Liszt drew in Europe would not be followed for several decades.