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Jeana Tomasina - The Beach Girls -

Keeping up with the lovely and talented Jeana Keough nee TomasinoMiss Novemberis purely exhausting. I naked try to give you the highlights and just link to more sexy mature pussy pics explanations, because, holy heck, this woman has been one busy bee jeana the past few decades.

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Photographed by Richard Fegley. Okay, first things first. After he was involved in a near-fatal drunk-driving hit-and-run accident inwherein he struck a pedestrian and fled the scene in a drunken daze, Keough was incarcerated for three months down in the sunny Jeana. He got hit in the head by a ball.

Jeana Tomasina nude

He survived, but it was really lucky. Tomasina, so what has she done for us lately?

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Tomasina played the Vestal Virgin. Here is her official site as a realtor, including a blog which is mainly just updates from her account on the twitter. First of all, never trust a product naked an umlaut in it. Second, I think we all know crazy crash diets and pills are not a safe, sane, or lasting way to get fit.