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Kitten peeing on bed

Kitten Uses Litter Box but Pees in the Bed

Your new little ball of kitten has only been home for a few days and always keeps you fully entertained. However, he doesn't quite grasp the smal dick tranny of the litter box.

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Several issues may trigger him to use your bed instead, but you may be able to prevent peeing problem. Frequent wet messes on your velvet duvet may be a sign of a medical issue. If baby Scruffy has a urinary tract infection, relieving himself becomes extremely painful.

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Since using the litter box seems to kitten discomfort, he'll think of his potty pan as something unpleasant, according to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He'll find a cozy spot to eliminate, in the hope that peeing doesn't hurt as much.

Not only is your down comforter soft and fluffy, it smells like you, making it a comfortable place for him to go.

How To Stop Your Cat Peeing On Bed Covers and Pillows

Watch for blood in his urine or crying bed he urinates. These clues may signal that it is time to take Scruffy to the vet for a checkup. Your new addition to the family wants to make his new castle as familiar as possible, so he spreads his scent. He proudly makes bed mark all over your house to signal to everyone that this is his turf.