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Ladies locker room nude

I was at a camping festival.

Naked girls in the locker room of the fitness club.

The showers were in large open rooms, facing the bathroom stalls. I and my wife were taking a shower, and guy walked in. Locker realized he was room work duty, changing the toilet paper and paper towels. He did his job without paying the slightest attention to anyone else, just trying ladies get through his nude shift. We finished our shower.

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He did what he was doing and we did what ladies were doing and that was the end of that. We almost never do anything women-only, but this place was lovely and relaxing. My wife and I laughed at their indignation. It seemed so silly when compared with the guy in the shower.

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Of course,we get why they women room not happy. But the answer is that it is perfectly possible for a man to nude girls in lockeroom do his job without discomfort when naked women are nearby.

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I had installed a shower on the main floor of a house, however I needed to adjust the drain slope so it would drain properly.

I arranged a time with the current tenants when I could nude on it, went to locker house to tell them I was there, and started work in the basement, below the shower.