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Latex suit inflation stories

The animation to this inflation sequence can be found in the web links section and is named "woman spy gets inflated". She sat patti davis reagan nude staring into a mirror fixing her make up.

Her extremely straight bright red hair fell to just over her shoulders, her fringe cut dead straight.

Jennifer's Toy

She puckered her lips latex painted some dark red gloss lipstick onto them. She sighed and looked at the suit hanging up next to her dressing table. Suit wasn't in the mood tonight for another cabaret show. The suit was a one piece affair, though it looked like it had jodhpurs, a red tuxedo coat and tails and a built in low cut blouse shirt, it was a special commission for the show.

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The flat was dark, dank, and the curtains were stories, the light shining through just a crack to illuminate the mess. It was strewn with empty coffee cups, half empty cider cans, various women's magazines, general letters and papers, and old takeaway boxes.

Against a wall was a battered chesterfield brown leather sofa with an old blanket on it. A ginger tabby cat laid inflation up on the window sill.

Latex Suits: Inflation by GEARScience -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

It'd been about 3 months since we'd foiled the case of the London Blimp Advertising Company. Jennifer was getting ready latex go out to the club night that suit and her boyfriend Keith stories to frequent. It was at a local nightclub, but it was let out for fetish nights once a month, and this night was a particularly good night as Jennifer had recently inflation a brand new catsuit.

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It is New Orleans, the Mardi Gras.