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Law and order lesbian kiss

SVU promised a lip-lock between the red-headed stepchild of comedy, Kathy Griffinand the fine lesbian icon that is Mariska Hargitay.

Serena Southerlyn

First, the entire episode was filled with over-the-top stereotypes and an unusually large group of bad actors. At the end, she was suddenly bisexual. Wong, lesbian did you let this happen? Let the terrible acting begin!

Can we please stop with the vampire stuff already?

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Twelve minutes in, here voyeur nightclub philadelphia pa hot dogs the lesbians and, for the first time in network history, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.

I was waiting for everyone to laugh after she delivered every line.

Serena Southerlyn - Wikipedia

Then, we learn that the murdered girl is a lez. Back to the storyline, Stabler and Benson law the girlfriend of the deceased.

Either she is and or she has created a terribly complex character structure. Somehow it has taken until almost 20 minutes into the show for Babs to kiss on Olivia. Benson gets back to the precinct and goes to our favorite Gaysian to get answers about lesbians.

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Turns out Sharon, the girlfriend with the order accent, has a history of being abusive. Stabler and Benson visit the ex-girlfriend of Sharon who is, of course, either an architect or construction worker.