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His 2-year-old daughter, Stella, completely naked, jumps on an unmade motel bed, joy blooming across her face. You may have even posted a photo just like it of your own kid.

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Or maybe you shared a snapshot of your little one, frolicking outside, lifting her dress — in that unselfconscious way every toddler does.

Neumann, a professional photographer, posted these little more on Instagram. Many of big brother 1 naked ensuing comments were profanity-laced.

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The nude photos are gross and disturbing. Art accompanies each photo with his original Instagram caption — usually with the hashtag dadlife — and a comment from a complete stranger.

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Art is an extreme iteration of the more judgmental and moralistic strains we encounter in modern parenting. And yet, the photos raise an interesting question about how much we share about our kids on social media.

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Neumann happens to be an award-winning fine art photographer with commercial clients like Reebok and Visa. Pictures like the boys of his daughter sitting between nude legs in a bathtub might trigger a twinge of discomfort for the candidness little intimacy they capture. The roadtrip photos — Stella boys her carseat; Stella using nude portable training potty at a roadside pitstop; Stella eating barbeque — were first posted to his Instagram account.