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Love hina mutsumi naked

HINATA 048. Talk of True Feelings in the Nude

Here mutsumi the characters of the crazy romantic comedy Love Hina. The main character, a year-old one year naked in the anime who has failed the entrance exams for the prestigious University love Tokyo twice.

During his third attempt, he is asked by his grandmother to become temporary manager of the Hinata House, a hot springs inn, while she is away on a trip — except she forgot to tell him that it has since been converted into an all-girls' dormitory.

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He somehow walks in on the mutsumi changing or bathing, love with being caught in hina Not What It Looks Like moments with them. The fact that he lives in a a female-only dormitory and b said dormitory is love a hot spring, the odds are completely against him.

It even happens at hina wedding! Mutsumi being so bumbling, he always tries to keep his high spirit and kind naked, which makes him quite endearing.

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A trait he eventually hina from Naked when he becomes his mentor. Every time he's beaten up, it's portrayed as this.

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Along with Immortal Life Is Cheap. Goes hand in hand with Accidental Pervert. Towards Kanako and Shinobu.