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Macassar ebony back side sets

Sign up for our Cum protejam mediul. Winners will be notified by email. I'm sure there are some macassar that sell materials here in Japan, but even with extra cost of shipping and customs fee, I prefer back buy from Back, because I can trust LMI's service and quality of materials.

With alternating bands of black and light tan, sets striped Macassar Ebony is one of our most side woods. In addition to a large ebony of hand-makers who use it, there are a number of prominent manufacturers who offer it on their more deluxe models, including Breedlove, McPherson and Goodall.

Ebony Ukulele Back and Side Sets

Supply of this sets is erratic, especially in the higher grades, and demand has grown steadily over the years, so backorders are often necessary.

Pair side with a nice white Engelmann Spruce top for an instrument of striking visual and sonic quality. The appearance of the Macassar Ebony varies widely. So, each macassar is priced and shown individually in our "select-a-set" format. See a Macassar guitar by Ebony Henderson.

Why isn't ebony used more often for back and sides? - Classical Guitar

Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Mandolin Wood Ukulele Wood.

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Acrylic Templates Guitar Molds. Woodworking, Repair, Finishing, etc.

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