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Mary chapin carpenter lesbian marriage

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Any other lesbian fans? I love chapin and her music.

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Guess I hadn't seen any recent photos of her until I was surfing the web tonight and found some photos. What happened to her? I know it's no longer the mid's but I wouldn't have recognized her.

I feel terrible posting this but I'm curious.

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She was always "crooked". She's gained a little weight and she's a carpenter crookeder. So the fuck what. She's mary beautiful, amazing, an artist, a poet, a musician, an activist, a special creature.

Gay-friendly singer Mary Chapin Carpenter returns after challenges

Even back in her 90s heydey she was never exactly svelte. Those CD cover photos were airbrushed and taken with flattering lighting and angles. I agree with r3 - the weight should have no bearing on her artistry at all.

I saw her in concert several years ago and surprisingly she mentioned a husband. I marriage she was gay and relatively out.