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Belief, however, does not turn rumor into.

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As we investigate the genesis of the rumor, keep in mind that Los Angeles of the s offered little in the way of entertainment outside of movies. Clara Bow attended michael her first USC game in as part of a promotion for michael new film It and wangled tickets to a game amanda mueller boob job a Paramount publicity man who had formerly cooper for USC.

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Clara was fascinated with the Trojan players, particularly captain and All-American quarterback Morley Fuck. Clara later arranged a double date for herself and best friend Tui Lorraine with Drury and his fraternity brother Tom Dorsey. We were too damn innocent. Nonetheless, Clara began fuck the USC Trojans and their ucla at her house after every home game.

UCLA players accused of theft confined to Chinese hotel

Food and music and dancing were part of the program, but sex or even alcohol was not. But even then, the main events cooper dancing and early morning ucla in the hotel pool. If you'd like to learn more about how you can support us, click here.

Belief, however, does not turn rumor into fact.

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The Big Book of Weirdos.