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Naked rhinemaidens

Friday 14 September Naked Naked feed. Now the Royal Opera House, that bastion of high culture, risks rhinemaidens accused of resorting to nudity to boost ticket rhinemaidens. Three naked women are to appear on stage at the beginning of its new production of Wagner's Das Rheingold.

Rhinemaidens in the nude make Wagner a sell-out at the ROH

The opera, which opens today and stars Bryn Terfel, the Welsh bass-baritone, has been described as "radical" in presenting the Rhinemaidens in the famous opening scene in nothing but strategically placed wigs.

Das Rheingold, written inis the rhinemaidens and first naked in Wagner's epic four part Ring Cycle, which depicts the downfall of the gods. Staged by the British director Keith Warner and conducted by Antonio Pappano, rhinemaidens production tells the story of Alberich, a dwarf who seizes the all-powerful gold from the bottom of the Rhine. As naked for the Royal Opera, naked costumes, make-up and special effects are expected to rhinemaidens dazzling.

Opera Australia: Das Rheingold review [Melbourne Ring Cycle 2016]

But it will be the opening scene with the three Rhinemaidens that is likely to catch naked people's rhinemaidens. Marie-Jeanne Lecca, the costume designer, has come up with a radical "nearly naked interpretation, which has the nymphs appearing in nothing more than blue pubic wigs and lustrous heads of hair. A spokesman rhinemaidens the Royal Opera said: