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What this fashion for classical nudes did bring, however, was new theories of looking at and creating images. Renaissance viewers were puzzled at the popularity of nudes in art ancient world.

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This idea formed the basis for Italian Renaissance art theory, which posited painting and sculpture as primarily mental activities, rather than manual ones.

It is hardly surprising that, by the end of the century, the depiction of the male nude became a test of artistic ability.

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The idea of the male gaze — where women are presented as sexual objects for male delectation — has often been applied to nudes, but is complicated when considered in this historical context. Not surprisingly, the erotic qualities of the naked male body were very art part of contemporary discourse, and it was assumed that women, as well as men, could be aroused by images of naked people of either sex.

The shock of the nude: how art embraced nakedness

As the preacher Bernardino of Siena thundered in See a gallery of the world's most expensive paintings. One of mezzo forte hentai movie versions of The Scream created by Munch and the only one that is privately owned.

It was intellectual rigour and artistic interest that underpinned our choice of objects in the nude, rather than a nod to MeToo.

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Moreover, European culture in the 15th and 16th centuries was characterised by ingrained misogyny. There were few female artists though the exceptions, such as the wonderful Sofonisba Anguissola, deserve to be better knownand from the early 16th century images of naked women provided a shared pleasure for powerful men who used them to show off their controlled virility.

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Indeed, the idea of the female nude being mainly about the nude artistic imagination — a muse whose individuality is effaced in favour of the recording of an eternal feminine beauty — is part of the new art theory of this period. Our aim for the exhibition is to stimulate intellectual and artistic inquiry, nude its potential for controversy is hardly surprising. Art the Renaissance too, the nude provoked heated debate, with artists and writers arguing with scandalised churchmen about the morality of bared bodies.